oshs VIII: the ADVANCED old school hack and slash CRPG

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oshs VIII: the ADVANCED old school hack and slash CRPG

Postby outlander78 » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:08 pm

Hi folks.

oshs - Old School Hack & Slash - is my computer game, written to scratch the gaming itch for people who enjoyed early SSI and Nintendo RPGs.

This is my first "advanced" release, dividing race from class, and includes random quest generation. Along with the six hand-written quests are another 35 randomly-generated ones, providing a great deal of replayability.

The game is written in Java (http://java.com/en), and will run fine on Windows or Linux. If Java is installed properly on your system, you should be able to simply unzip the jar file and double-click to run it. The other way is to type "java -jar oshs8.jar" in a command prompt window.

- 40+ quests
- 7 races (dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human)
- 11 classes (assassin, cleric, druid, fighter, kensai, magic-user, monk, paladin, ranger, swashbuckler, thief)
- 485 items
- 200 monsters
- 168 spells

(3.09 MiB) Downloaded 314 times
Try my old school computer game, oshs (Old School Hack and Slash), and let me know what you think. (Updated November, 2013)

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Re: oshs VIII: the ADVANCED old school hack and slash CRPG

Postby dmdwayne » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:34 pm

Well, there goes what little free time I had.
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