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You wanted it! You got it! A custom Gaming Screen for all the listeners out there. You could own one, if you'd like. The price will be $11 USD with $3 USD for shipping (this covers the hard non-bendable packaging for your screen). Sales are limited, we only have 20 ready to go at the print shop.
Charts on screen
-All classes attack Matrix
-Armor Chart
-Creatures Struck only by Magic weapons
-Character/Monster Saves
-Monster Attack Matrix
-Missle Fire/Concealment
-Thief Function Table/climb
-Encounter Reaction
-Invisibility Detection table.
-Spell recovery time table
-Quick healing spell reference chart.
This screen is thicker then the original TSR screen. Look at the difference!
USA Shipping only, Sorry! If your order has been placed already, it will honored.